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Career Florida Services.  Winning resumes, cover letters and coaching to help you interview and negotiate your Florida job.

We get you in front of the hiring authority. Guaranteed! provides a wide range of professional career assistance services that are designed to increase your competitiveness and propel you to the head of the line.

We do not "package" our clients; our career services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client. Each client pays only for the specific services requested and delivered. We speak at length with each client prior to any work commencement, and each client is given a firm price quote. And there are never any additional or hidden charges.

The price of creating a résumé varies considerably depending upon complexity, length and time spent in consultation. Entry-level college students pay slightly lower, and senior corporate executives or persons in highly technical or medical/engineering career fields pay a bit more. Prices include consultation time, hard copies on highest-quality all-linen stationery, and all documents saved to a 3.5 computer diskette. Postage charges depend on whether you choose First Class/Priority or Express/Overnight delivery, the U.S. Postal Service or Federal Express.

Our career assistance services fall into three primary categories: (1) Résumés and Cover Letters; (2) Coaching Services, and (3) Résumé Distribution.  Click on the section(s) in which you are interested and learn more about the particulars and pricing.






The Role of Résumés and Cover Letters in the Hiring Process

The Resume and Cover Letter as a Marketing Strategy

The résumé is an advertising flyer. It is a marketing instrument designed to heighten interest, create curiosity, and motivate its audience to action. It is first, last and always a sales presentation. It outlines the key values or features of the "product" being marketed, and uses a peculiar staccato-like voice of abbreviated statements to keep verbiage to a minimum.

The only true measure of the quality of a résumé is the answer to this question: Does it consistently win invitations to employment interviews with quality employers? If the answer to this question is No, then it makes no difference whether the résumé is one-page, or two-pages, printed on white paper or neon-green paper, contains graphics, horizontal lines or other desktop publishing drivel, or was prepared on a typewriter or computer. It also makes no difference whether you wrote it yourself, or paid someone to do it for you. All has been for nothing if the résumé does not get you to the head of the line among those competing against you.

The single most important factor to consider about the résumé is its role in the employment process, particularly the way in which employers use it to find and hire new employees. To ignore this functionality is to court disaster. And to be unmindful of what employers value most in a job applicant's résumé is equally disastrous.

Compelling Cover Letters

The cover letter is a powerful selling instrument. It announces your reason for sending your résumé and why you are interested in employment with that particular company or organization. It is an opportunity for you to tailor your approach to a particular employer or industry type. Your résumé presents the whole of your talents, while the cover letter selects a particular talent or contribution that you could make. It can be used to demonstrate your knowledge of the company and its stature in the industry. You may also use the cover letter to respond to a request for salary requirements.

It is a very great mistake to underestimate the role of the cover letter in generating curiosity and securing an invitation to a job interview. At, we create compelling cover letters that partner seamlessly with your résumé to promote your value. We write them in a way that permits them to be subtly altered in dozens of ways, resulting in a finished product that appears to the targeted reader to be a custom, one-of-a-kind letter.

Why Us?

At, we know what employers value most in résumés and cover letters because each of our writers and coaches has many years of first-hand experience in the real world of work using résumés and cover letters to evaluate job applicants. We have had to screen, select and facilitate the hiring of thousands of workers from virtually every conceivable career field.

This practical workplace experience gives us an advantage. We understand the hiring process, we know the skill demands of the various industries, and we know how to match a client's corresponding value and capture it creatively on paper. Our primary goal is to make sure our client is given an opportunity to be interviewed for the job no matter how many other people are competing for the same position.

You will notice that we have not provided samples of résumés. There is a reason for this: We have learned from many years of experience that it doesn't help to look at a finished résumé belonging to someone else. Frequently, the success of a résumé is determined as much by what has been left out, as what is included. This objective selectivity and creative editing which we contribute to the process cannot be appreciated by merely reading someone's finished résumé.

Then too, no two persons are alike, and the chances are that their employment backgrounds and career aspirations are markedly different as well. Also, the presentation of a particular résumé may be shaped by factors which are not evident from merely reading the finished product. For instance, the emphasis given certain skill areas, and the organization of employment history would differ between one person who is seeking an increase in income by changing employers within the same industry, as opposed to another person who recently completed an educational program and now seeks to change career fields altogether.

At, our solemn promise to you is this: we will work with you to create a distinctive presentation of your value that will win employment interviews with quality employers in the industry of your choosing. We guarantee you will be successful in winning those interviews. Contact us for a Critique/Quote, or use the convenient e-mail message box at Contact US, and send us any questions you may have. We will answer you promptly.

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Stay On Top in a Job Interview!

Successful Interview Techniques

Now that you've beaten the competition and won an invitation to a personal job interview, the real work begins!

Preparation and Practice are the keys to a successful interview and winning a job offer.

But the questions are, Prepare for what?, and Practice how?

We know the answers to those two vital questions, and we know how to train you to be your best at a job interview.

We have years of experience in preparing job seekers for the trials and challenges of employment interviews. We know the strategies that work. We can teach you the skills that will keep you one step ahead of the interviewer, demonstrate for you the sound methods and techniques that will leave the interviewer with a positive impression of you and your talents. And we will show you how to make sure they remember you no matter how many other applicants they may interview.

From understanding and mastering the new behavioral interview method, to the use of a personal portfolio and post-interview follow-up tactics, we cover all of the bases to make sure you stay on top-and ahead of your competition.

We recommend an initial two-part session, each session approximately one-half hour in length. The first session lays the ground work and consists of one-on-one counseling from a nationally-certified Job & Career Transition Coach. You will also receive some study materials and an action outline which will require some activity on your part before beginning the second session. At the second session, you and your Career Coach will review your progress and take you through various interviewing strategies designed to reduce nervousness, and give you more control of the interviewing process .

This one-hour coaching session in job interviewing, along with your completing the activities outlined by the Coach, is usually sufficient preparation. However, additional coaching time may be scheduled if you feel it is necessary. The cost of the basic session is $150.00, and includes all materials. If you elect to also sign up for the Salary Negotiation session, which is also $150.00, you may combine the two and save $25.00, paying only $275.00.

To set up an appointment, simply call our toll-free number, 1-888-999-1141. Keep in mind that we work across all time zones, and receive many calls each day. If you get our voice mail, leave a telephone number (include the area code) and the best time for your Coach to call. We will return your call within 24-48 hours. If you wish, you may also send us an e-mail message using our Contact Us page.

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Be a Pro at Salary Negotiation: Get What You're Worth!

Successful Salary Negotiation

Time and money! That's what the bottomline is all about, isn't it?
And the ever-pressing challenge is to get from your employer a fair income in exchange for the time and effort you give to the job.

Successful salary negotiation is both science and art. The science is in the research, and the art is in the presentation.

We show you what you need to know, and we lay the foundation for a convincing presentation.

Perhaps you're currently employed and beginning to feel like its time for an increase in pay. You're wondering what might be the best way to approach your superiors, and how to present your case in the most convincing manner. And too, there's the question of how much to ask for, and how to justify it.

Then again, maybe you're actively interviewing with a number of prospective employers and the issue of salary keeps coming up. Or worse, it doesn't come up, and the employer skates around the issue, leaving you wondering what your income would be, which makes it difficult to compare offers from other companies. How do you negotiate earnings when you don't even have an offer yet?

Our coaching sessions in salary negotiation are designed to prepare you for frank discussions on the issue of income, and how to carry the day. Like our coaching approach to job interviewing, we begin with a two-part session, each session consisting of one-half hour with a nationally-certified Job & Career Transition Coach. The first session is an information exchange to set up a tailored approach to your particular career situation, and agree upon some research goals. The second session weaves the research, which you have done yourself, into a practical approach to establish your value and successfully negotiate the earnings level you are seeking.

The initial two-part coaching session costs $150.00, and includes study materials. Additional coaching time may be scheduled if there are any remaining issues following the initial two-part session. If you sign up for the coaching session on Job Interviewing in addition to the Salary Negotiation session, the combined price is only $275.00, for a savings of $25.00. To set up an appointment, call our toll-free number, 1-888-999-1141, or use the e-mail message box on our Contact Us page. Be sure to leave us the full telephone number with area code, and the best time for us to call you.

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Know Thyself ! Personal Assessments

Personal Career Assessments

The better you know yourself, the greater the odds of finding personal satisfaction in your work.

If you are dissatisfied with the kind of work you are doing, either because of the work itself, or because your desired social or income levels are not being met, you can change.

Changing career fields, for whatever the reasons, will be more successful if you have some accurate insights about yourself that will signal where your best "fit" is to be found.

The Greek philosopher, Aristotle, taught that the highest order of knowledge was an understanding of oneself. This great truth certainly applies to the world of work. If the truth be told, most of us launched our careers more as the result of fate than any reasoned effort at long term career planning. As we age and grow in our responsibilities and obligations, frequently our daily work begins to clash with these changes, and we experience increasing levels of dissatisfaction.

It's never too late to change, or make adjustments to our career pursuits. But to avoid making the same mistake twice, and to lend some direction to an intended career change, it is wise to invest in a personal assessment of one's attitude, interests and abilities. Sometimes, we are a mystery unto ourselves. An objective assessment can be invaluable in understanding why some work activities are more fulfilling than others. Work satisfaction leads to both personal growth and career success.

We deliver a wide range of assessments including the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory. Occasionally, we use lesser-known ones like Liptak's Career Exploration Inventory. We have also found Dr. John Holland's Self-Directed Search assessment especially helpful. In fact, Holland's SDS is not only inexpensive, it does not require a psychologist or other professional to interpret the results. The SDS costs only $35.00, takes barely an hour to complete, and the results match your interests in a practical way with specific job titles from the U.S. Department of Labor's Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Call us toll-free at 1/888-219-1809, or use the Contact Us e-mail message box to leave your name and telephone number and the best time for us to call you. We will listen to your career situation and recommend an assessment that fits.

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Personal Advertising Campaigns: It's All About Competition!

Designing Your Resume and Cover Letter to Beat the Competition

Primary Goals

Getting your résumé and cover letter into the hands of employers who are hiring TODAY!

Targeting your résumé and cover letter to only those employers that meet YOUR criteria!

To use the selected method(s) of contact that produce the most reliable results, in the shortest period of time and at the least cost.

There is one fact about job hunting and career transitioning that you can rest assured is absolutely true: If the position which you are pursuing is with a quality, branded company, and the position pays an excellent salary plus benefits, then there will be literally hundreds of other people competing against you for the position. Once you have a professional presentation of yourself on paper, the next and most crucial step in a successful job hunt is to advertise yourself to those selected employers who value your particular skill set and who, in all likelihood, are in a hiring mode. The goal is to get your résumé and cover letter there ahead of the others.

Indiscriminate mass mailings are a waste of time and money, no matter whether its done on paper or electronically, or via the Internet. In today's highly competitive job market, the best way to beat out those competing against you and to secure an interview with a quality employer is to conduct a reasoned, rational and thorough advertising of your availability to a carefully researched selection of potential employers. Employers may be contacted by direct mail, by telephone, by facsimile or e-mail messaging, or through industry recruiters. The best method, or perhaps a combination of methods, will differ depending upon type of position sought, industry hiring practices, size of company and other factors.

We are professionals in constructing the kind of tailored advertising campaign that will generate maximum exposure for our clients and attract the attention of quality employers. The price of the campaign will vary depending upon a number of criteria which are established by you, our client. Once we have an idea of what your job search goals are, we will put together the elements which we think will be most successful for your particular situation and give you a firm quote on the cost before you make a decision. To find out what form your personal advertising campaign would take and the cost, simply call our toll-free number at 1-888-999-1141, and leave your name and telephone number, and the best time for us to call you. Of if you wish, use our Contact US e-mail box to let us know what you would like to know.

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