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Resume Critique


First of all, consider this question: "When you circulate your current résumé, does it consistently win job interviews with quality employers? " If the answer is "Yes," then you really don't need a new résumé. The only meaningful measure of the success or failure of a résumé is whether or not it is successful in consistently obtaining quality job interviews.

On the other hand, if you feel you are missing out on interesting job offers because you get very little or no response when you send out your résumé, then there is a strong likelihood that your résumé could be improved. Too, if you circulate your current résumé and the responses you receive are for types of jobs which you feel are beneath your capabilities, or not in sync with your talents, then a new résumé can make a big difference.

Our professional counseling staff will gladly critique your current résumé and give you a firm price quote to get you back on the right track. All you have to do is e-mail your résumé to:, along with a daytime telephone number and the best time to call. Or if your prefer, fill out the form below and paste your résumé into the box provided or attach it to the form using the form's "Browse" button.

We charge a modest $50.00 to review, critique and provide you with constructive feedback on your current résumé. The $50.00 charge will be returned to you as a credit and subtracted from the cost of creating your résumé should you elect to use our services. Simply call our toll free number (888-999-1141) to arrange payment and schedule the review. We provide critiques and feedback in person only and by telephone, not by e-mail or facsimile messaging.

Perhaps you don't have a résumé at all, or maybe you are making a major career change and any previous résumé is now totally inappropriate. In this case, please call us toll-free at (888) 999-1141. We will discuss your situation, recommend the best strategy, and give you a firm quote for a new résumé. If you reach our voice mail, just leave your name, a daytime telephone number, and the best time to call you. We will return your call within 24-48 hours. Remember, we serve clientele across many time zones, and receive dozens of calls every day, so please be patient. We promise you, it will be worth the wait.

NOTE: Please be sure to give us the area code for your telephone number. And if the contact number you are giving is at your place of work, rest assured that we are very careful about introducing ourselves or leaving a message that would compromise you in any way. Just make sure that the time and place you choose to talk with us will allow you to speak freely so we can have a meaningful conversation.

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If your resume is already saved as a Word Document, please locate it on your hard drive using the Browse button below.

To use this handy e-mail feature, simply "cut and paste" your résumé into it. Here's how: Open your résumé on your computer, go to EDIT in the main menu and drag/select SELECT ALL. Your entire résumé will now be highlighted. Go to EDIT again and drag/click COPY. Your résumé is now being held electronically on your computer's desktop notepad. Now go to the e-mail box on this page, place your cursor in the box and click on PASTE (Control + "V" on PC's, or Command +"V" on Apple/Macintosh) then click on the "SUBMIT FOR CRITIQUE" button. Or if you wish, you can send your résumé as an attachment by clicking here. If all else fails, as a last resort, you can simply fax your résumé to us at (904) 733-0018.

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